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What is your mystery? What do you want to know about something that is behind the screen? What is bugging about your Partner? Do you want to investigate anything personal or Corporative? Invisible eye, the best detective agencies in Chennai to verify documents or Employment or unsolve all your personal life Mysteries. We are here to help you out of your complications and Problems, the seasoned proficients are well-skilled in handle cases ranging from Matrimonial infidelity to corporative security.

A good Observation of Mystery is the first step for the solution. No more unresolved puzzles in life. Are you suspicious that something isn’t right and looking for an undercover service investigator? The invisible eye, a keen detective agency in Chennai can help you resolve all kinds of private, corporative, and legal and litigation cases. The range of detective services we provide is discreet investigations that are more distinct and cover the whole sphere of private, civil, and crime detective investigation agency available for all ranges of personal, commercial, and legal clients throughout Tamil Nadu and India.

Investigation services that we assist are

The top private detective agency in Chennai & India

A top private detective agency in Chennai with specialized, tactful investigating techniques help you maintain security while helping you collect significant evidence through an undercover investigation. We help you disclose or disapprove your fears and confusion, and if confirmed we assist to hand over the guilt before justice. We work and communicate with our well-skilled undercover detectives to make sure the successful result of the assignment.We are the top detective agency in Chennai, guarantee confidentiality. We employ discreet, clever, and well-skilled professional investigators, who can handle and deploy strategies and detective tools to catch the suspects in action.

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We are providing private, crime and civil investigation services to companies and industrial with modern advanced techniques. Our way of operation is completely different from others. We have tamed qualified and experienced staff to carry out the operation.We handle cases professionally with absolute confidence. You will get what you pay for.

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Documents Verifications

Hand Writing / Document Analysis & Finger Print Comparison
Surveillance Assets verification

Employment Verification

Pre-employment screening
Post-employment screening

Detective Services

Under Cover Services
Verification of Insurance claims
Infringement of trademark

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