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Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is definitely a beneficial self defense weapon. Both the women and also men can benefit from carrying it. These products appear in a selection of strengths and also sizes.. Pepper spray is cost-effective therefore anyone can purchase it. Fight off your attacker while you usually are running, on a date, and also in any kind of aggressive act towards you. Pepper spray can easily be used against dogs, bears, and individual assailants


  • Inexpensive
  • Legal to carry, does not require a permit
  • Small size so you can hide it and easily carry it
  • Non-Lethal
  • Comes in different forms spray, fogger, or gel
  • Can be used against animal attacks as well as humans

Electronic Whistle

The electronic whistle operates with a push of a button instead of blowing like a traditional whistle. This electric whistle has many uses including lifeguards, referees, umpires, tour guides, sport trainers, cheerleaders, traffic cops, police, military training, dog handlers, or even as an emergency locator (earthquakes, collapsed buildings.)


  • Loud, Consistent Sound Every Time, even if user is short of breath or injured.
  • Personal Safety & Signaling Device – for Hikers, Hunters, Campers, Senior Citizens, Joggers, School Teachers, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, Security Guards and anyone who could benefit from carrying a whistle.
  • Referees and Coaches – Easier to give verbal commands without a Whistle in user’s mouth, yet with Whistle sound always “at the ready” to stop play or practice.
  • Loud 105-dB Whistle sound can be aimed in the exact direction intended, and away from user.
  • Comes in different forms spray, fogger, or gel
  • Improved Hygiene – Hand operated instead of mouth blown is sanitary, even for multi users.