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Document Verification

Document Verification

We are the best document verification services company in India since we started. We do meet the person in direct and verify their documents relevancy to meet clients criteria. Once the person’s documents matches the details given from client, we will give positive result. Else, we will notify that the person verification failed. We try our level best trace the persons original identity is the special qualification for us.

Hand Writing / Document Analysis & Finger Print Comparison

we provide the Scientific Investigation Services in the cases such as Verification of Document in order to find out its originality. We help you to identify the culprit who is involved in the theft & unethical activities by using their fingerprints. In case of you found any anonymous letter or handwritings is under investigation we can help you to find the author of that document provided if you could produce the specimen handwriting samples.


We carryout surveillance of the following types a) Static Surveillance and Dynamic surveillance (Using vehicles) in the required situations to find out the evidences relate to the cases. Our service charges are very nominal so approach us at anytime to solve your problems.

Assets verification

We do investigations on the assets of the companies and individuals are carried out in order to collect the relevant documentary evidences. Both Movable and immovable properties verification will be ivestigated.