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Employment Verification

Employment Verification

The practice of verifying the employment eligibility and past work history of current or potential employees. Employers often verify employees prior to hiring or promoting them, to ensure that the employee’s employment history, education, and other details match the information provided by the employee.

Pre-employment screening

It is very important to check and prevent the entry of any unscrupulous and undesired candidate, and the trusted employee of your competitor in the Organization. Prevention is better than cure, the management can take this procedure to filter the unwanted persons to enter into the concern. We provide details about the candidate’s social background, previous job record, academic career, financial status and police record.

Post-employment screening

Post-employment screening must be done time period or as & when the management decides to post or attach him to a sensitive and important department. In this regard we provide the information about candidate’s change in status, off duty activities, new habits and interest in work.